Coldplay - Christmas Light


G     Em7 D/F#   (x 2)

Verse 1

   G                                                                            Em7 D/F#
Christmas night, another fight, tears we cried; a flood
  G                                                              Em7 D/F#
Got all kinds of poison in, poison in my blood
  G                                                                              Em7 D/F#
Took my feet, to Oxford street, trying to right a wrong
          G                                                                                             Em7 D/F#
"Just walk away", those windows say, but I can't believe she's gone


When you're still waiting for the snow to fall
It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all

G     Em7 D/F#   (x 2)

Verse 2

                    Em7                                                 C
A group of cameras on their flicker, Oh they flicker and they flow
              G                                                        D
And I'm up here holding on to all those chandeliers of hope
                    Em7                                     C
Like some drunkard Elvis singing, I go singing out of tune
               G                                                   D
Singing how I always loved you darling, and I always will


G D/F# Em7 Bm
C       D


   D                   G                C            G
Those Christmas lights, light up the street
                             C                      G
Down where the sea and city meet
                        C                        Em7
May all your troubles soon be gone
                         G         D                 G  
Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on       (x 2)

G  C  G  C   G
C  Em7  G  D  G

Outro Bridge